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I have just purchased my second rental property, 12 months ago I was struggling to pay my mortgage. – Cheers Chris

Bob R

Chris, Not sure where I should send this to, hope your email is good enough. Over the last 4 month, I have seen my score jump over 100 points, I have cleared down my credit cards and am now on target to pay off my mortgage in 8 months, I never knew this was possible before talking to you. Thank you again.

Eric R - Florida

in 3 weeks Chris helped boost my score by 80 points, this has allowed us to get some credit cards and start using them as advised by Chris, I can see big changes in our life as a result of this.


"Hi guys!   Just wanted to take a moment and give my testimonial to your credit repair service. You guys are great at what you do. When initially starting with the service my scores were in the upper 500's ... like 560-580. Within 2-3 months, my scores skyrocketed to the 700's with my highest score being a 766, and I am not even finished yet. You guys are so knowledgeable and accessible. Whenever I had a question you answered it right away. Customer service was impeccable, and the results are amazing. Highly recommended. A++"

Callum R.

"Spark My Credit has been great to work with so far. Already saw my credit score go up within 3 weeks of signing up so I can only imagine that my goals will be met with ease. They are a great team, very easy to communicate with, and I highly recommend."

Dave I.

"Let me start by saying this… It is wonderful to finally get hold of a credit repair and restoration agency that knows the ins and outs of the credit business. I used some of the “best” companies and saw absolutely NO results! Chris, you are truly a blessing to my life. I applied for my first credit card and got APPROVED!!!!!"

Gloria G.

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